August 15 – September 26, 2014

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August 15 - September 26, 2014

ASHES/ASHES is freaking out to present GOODBYE, a new exhibition featuring the work of

performance artist Jake Dibeler. The exhibition runs from August 15 through September 26,

with a performance by Dibeler on August 22 at 8pm. The gallery space will be transformed for

the performance, with black-and-white ceramic tiling and banal funeral décor evoking both the

cold sterility of a men’s bathroom and the awkward somberness of a wake. Jake’s macabre

and outlandish performance, incorporating drag, dance, and lip-syncing, will realize the

dramatic potential of these ordinarily drab interior spaces – the bathroom becomes eroticized,

voyeuristic; the funeral wake becomes an unholy spectacle. All the while, the “deceased”

remains elusive – whether it is the artist, the art, or something else entirely is a question for the

viewer’s interpretation.

For the remainder of the exhibition, the gallery will showcase the quiet remains of Dibeler’s

performance. T-shirts and souvenirs will be available for sale online for those who didn't feel like showing up.

Jake Dibeler is a performance artist based in Brooklyn, New York. With hilarious and

sometimes terrifying stage antics and choreography, Dibeler pulls from the debris of pop culture

to construct abstract narratives and socio-political commentaries. Dibeler’s

performances deftly hopscotch through loud visuals of death, disease, sexuality, and raw


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