MFA, School of Visual Arts; New York, NY
BFA, University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS

Istaqsinaayok, Kunsthalle Wichita; Wichita, KS
Become Gift, Sky Become Shadow, Interstate Projects; Brooklyn, NY
Prince Drama XV, 15 Orient; Brooklyn, NY
Metropolitan Book of the Dead, Valentin; Paris, FR
Pile of Mist, 247365; New York, NY
Stink by Instinct, Welcome Screen; London, UK
Ever Renewed and Renewing, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics; Brooklyn, NY
Eternity Pains, MFA Thesis Exhibition, School of Visual Arts; New York, NY
Resistance To ___________, with Matt Hope, The Temple; Beijing, China
Monumental Ghostly Heights, Dafeng Gallery; Beijing, China

Commutiny, by Geetha Thurairajah, Sibling; Toronto, Canada
Freehand, by Angela Conant, Sardine; Brooklyn, NY
Flesh and Fantasy, by Kenneth Heyne, Marvin Gardens; Brooklyn, NY
They Who Walk Behind the Rows, False Flag; New York, NY
Hard to Be a Hole, Kunsthalle Wichita; Wichita, KS
Exit Soul, curated by Brian Kokoska, Liberal Arts Roxbury; Roxbury, NY
Fear Fair, curated by Nathaniel de Large, performance with Shpongle, Marinaro Gallery; New York, NY
Crane Game, curated by David Kirshoff, Cul-de-sac, Greenpoint Bridge; Brooklyn, NY
Fire in the Mountains, curated by Holiday Forever; Moran, WY
Antifaratu, curated by Wills Baker, Galeria Mascota; Mexico City, Mexico
Summary, Valentin; Paris, FR
Hot Mud Fest, curated by Jesse Greenberg and Bobo, 81 Spook Rock Road; Hudson, NY
MISERERE Paraphrase, with Ivana Basic, Holiday Forever; Jackson, WY
Bradford Kessler's -1% & Paul Morrissey's Women in Revolt, by Matchcuts, Spectacle Theater; Brooklyn, NY
Forest of My Dead Cells, curated by Korakrit Arunanondchai, 032c Workshop; Berlin, Germany
Show Divers, Valentin; Paris, France
Body Holes, curated by, 9th Berlin Biennale; Berlin, Germany
Cure Cruelty, with Rafael Delacruz and Quintessa Matranga, Kunsthalle Wichita; Wichita, KS
Ready To Drop, with Body by Body and Erin Jane Nelson, Springsteen; Baltimore, MD
Six Memos for the Next Millennium, curated by Mario Suardiaz, Cave; Mallorca, Spain
Stoneroses, curated by Santiago Taccetti & Mirak Jamal, Grunewald; Berlin, Germany
Das Gesamtsexwerk, curated by M/L Artspace, Spectrum; Brooklyn, NY
Art Basel Mukwonago, curated by Sean J. Patrick Carney, Bahamas Biennale; Mukwonago, WI
Fresh Punch, Era VI.VII.VI; Queens, NY
The Botanica, curated by AA Bronson & Michael Bühler-Rose, Invisible Exports; New York, NY
Dogs Chase Balls, curated by No Space, Carrie Secrist Gallery; Chicago, IL
Heathers, curated by Alex Ross, Rowing; London, United Kingdom
AA Bronson's House of Shame, Gwangju Biennale; Gwangju, Korea
Dull Theatrics, curated by Mark Sengbusch, Penelope; Queens, NY
Brunette, featuring Nathan Whipple, curated by Monica Mirabile, Otion Front; Brooklyn, NY
Maspeth World of Wheels, with 247365, Knockdown Center; Queens, NY
Science Faction, Sight + Sound Festival, Eastern Bloc; Montreal, Canada
Phresh Produce, curated by BCALLA and Ms. Fitz, 27 Orchard Street; New York, NY
Magnum Opus, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts; Wilmington, DE
Paramount Ranch, with Audio Visual Arts; Los Angeles, CA
Pyramid Scheme, curated by Tribble & Mancenido and Nat Ward, 204 25th Street; Brooklyn, NY
Art Basel | Miami Beach, Eternal Boy 3D print launch with Printed Matter; Miami, FL
The Miami Project, with SVA Gallery; Miami, FL
The Temptation of AA Bronson, Witte de With; Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Frequency Response, Electronic Arts Intermix; New York, NY
Ecstasy Apocalypse, curated by Thyrza Goodeve, SVA Gallery; New York, NY
Annual Benefit Show, Momenta; Brooklyn, NY
Material Concerns, RARE; New York, NY 
LA Art Book Fair, with Printed Matter, MoCA The Geffen Contemporary; Los Angeles, CA
Art Basel | Miami Beach, release and signing with Printed Matter, New York / Art Metropole; Toronto, Canada
Art Basel | Miami Beach, with AA Bronson, with Esther Schipper Gallery; Berlin, Germany
Live Free and Die, Parade Ground; New York, NY
BYOB New York, The Autumn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
Ana Mendieta, Glasshouse; Brooklyn, NY
Young And Not Stupid / Radical Even Though Old, with AA Bronson, curated by Jana Leo Anthology Film Archives; New York, NY
Missinglinks, Electronic Arts Intermix; New York, NY
Hearth Gods XXXVII, curated by Michael Yates Crowley, Jimmy’s; New York, NY
Place/Displace/Replace, curated by Sirra Sigurðardóttir, School of Visual Arts; New York, NY
Pool Party, Microscope Gallery; Brooklyn, NY
Brucennial: Harderer, Strongerer, Fasterer, curated by Bruce High Quality Foundation and Vito Schnabel; New York, NY
Undertow, Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura; New York, NY
Young And Not Stupid / Radical Even Though Old, curated by Jana Leo, Anthology Film Archives; New York, NY
Songzhuang Art Festival, James Rosenquist, Bradford Kessler & Chip Rountree, Songzhuang Museum of Art; Songzhuang, China
City Voice, by Berenice Angremy (catalogue), Caochangdi Dog Restaurant/3 Shadows Photography Center; Beijing, China
Origin of Life, with Chip Rountree, Dafeng Gallery; Beijing, China
Between Spaces, Dafeng Gallery; Beijing, China
The Dearth of Colour, Gallery 49; Beijing, China
Beijing International Film Festival, Central Academy of Fine Arts; Beijing, China
The Dark Side, Urban Nomad Film Festival, Taipei Film Archive; Taipei City, Taiwan
Beijing International Film Festival, Mao Livehouse; Beijing, China
Run For Your Life, Spring Brain Monkey; Shizuoka City, Japan
Geisai 10, Tokyo Big Site; Tokyo, Japan