ASHES/ASHES is pleased to present I was looking at the black and white world (it was so exciting), a group exhibition curated by Michael St. John, featuring Darja Bajagić, Gretchen Bender, Karin Davie, Nico Day, Cheryl Donegan, Bill Jacobson, Gary Stephan, Michael St. John, and Mark Verabioff.
Last year at this time our lives derailed and stopped. It was then that I began a new series of paintings in a black and white palette.. The absence of color seemed like an appropriate response. While doing this, this exhibition came to mind as a response to a world without color. The artists chosen are ones I came across through social media and remembrances of things seen while self-isolating. These aren’t meant to be exhaustive, but a record of one artist imagining a room of black and white in a world without color.
– Michael St. John
Darja Bajagić (b. 1990; Podgorica, Montenegro) lives and works in Chicago, IL.
Gretchen Bender (b. 1951; Seaford, DE. d. 2004; New York, NY).
Karin Davie (b. 1965; Toronto, Canada) lives and works in Seattle, WA.
Nico Day (b. 1986; Pittsburgh, PA) lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.
Cheryl Donegan (b. 1962; New Haven, CT) lives and works in New York, NY.
Bill Jacobson (b. 1955; Norwich, CT) lives and works in New York, NY.
Gary Stephan (b. 1942; Brooklyn, NY) lives and works in New York, NY.
Michael St. John (b. 1963; Hammond, IN) lives and works in Sheffield, MA.
Mark Verabioff (b. 1963; Kingston, Canada) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.