BFA, Rhode Island School of Design; Providence, RI 

Michael Assiff, KDR305; Miami, FL 
Volunteer Flowers, ASHES/ASHES; New York, NY
Rune Collection, organized by Anna Frost & BFI, Pretty Days; Miami, FL 
Pier 1, Valentin; Paris, France 
New England’s Dark Day, with Dennis Witkin, Hotel Art Pavilion; Brooklyn, NY 
Ozone Flowers, with Chelsea Culprit, Galería Mascota; Mexico City, Mexico 
Remediation Flowers, First Continent; Baltimore, MD 
Hangry, Shoot the Lobster; New York, NY 
Aqueduct, Window on Broad, University of the Arts; Philadelphia, PA 
Fresh Aire, Good Weather; North Little Rock, AK 
Bali Ha’i, Culture Room; Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition #1, Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art; Fall River, MA 
Material Conditions, Matthew Brown Gallery; Los Angeles, CA 
This Sacred Vessel, Arsenal Contemporary; New York, NY 
Harvest the crust from your eyes, / (slash); San Francisco, CA 
Psychic Cherries, curated by Bozidar Brazda; Woodstock, NY 
Respawn the Seeds Worthy of a Life Inside the Earth, curated by Mitch Patrick, Flatlands 
Holding Space, Big Pictures Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA 
Commutiny, Sibling; Toronto, Canada 
Launch, Deep Earth; New York, NY 
Burn Show, Safe Gallery; New York, NY 
Indelible Marks, American Medium; New York, NY 
A kiss under the tail, Arsenal Contemporary; New York, NY 
Cross the Breeze, Valentin; Paris, France 
Cerrajeria, Lock Up International; Mexico City, Mexico 
Mars 2112, Rumpelstiltskin; New York, NY 
Transmutation, Big Pictures Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA 
Fear Faire, Marinaro; New York, NY 
Toxoplasmosis, with Rachel Lord & Jonathan Santoro, High Tide; Philadelphia, PA 
A scream runs through the house, Helena Anrather; New York, NY 
Annex, M+B; Los Angeles, CA 
O / U, Room East; New York, NY 
Reconstructive Memory, curated by IOP, Valentin; Paris, France 
Future Nature, Jack Hanley; New York, NY 
CAROGNA, organized by Fabio Santacroce & Kareem Lofty, Rijksakademie; Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Efficient Frontier, Magenta Plains; New York, NY 
Open Source Indicators, Sgorbati Projects; New York, NY 
Forest of my dead cells, curated by Korakrit Arunanondchai, 032c; Berlin, DE 
Under all this dirt the floor is really very clean, Motel; Brooklyn, NY 
Tears on My Spider Roll, Violet’s Cafe; New York, NY 
Tulipomania, curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan, Balice Hertling; Paris, France 
Playlist, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran; Montreal, Canada 
Tiger Tiger, Salon 94 Bowery; New York, NY 
AFA2, 63rd-77th STEPS, Pane e Pomodoro Beach; Bari, Italy 
Land Lords, with Alessandro Agudio & Bradford Kessler, monCHÉRI; Brussels, Belgium 
FIFA99, with David Roesing & Keith Varadi, Stadium 2; New York, NY 
Finally Every Dimension of the Soil, American Medium; Brooklyn, NY 
Scripted Spaces, Martos Gallery; Los Angeles, CA 
The Fishbone Diagram, with Anne Libby & Anne Kunsemiller, U.S. Blues, NY 
Tom Kah Gai, with Carson Fisk-Vittori, Derek Frech, & Izabelle New, Moroso Projects, CA 
Mental Furniture, by Petrella’s Imports, Night Gallery; Los Angeles, CA 
Future Visions, Torrance Shipman Gallery; Brooklyn, NY 
Diff’rent Strokes, Louis B. James; New York, NY 
Brucennial, 159 Bleeker Street; New York, NY 
Mountains & Folds, curated by Korakrit Arunanondchai, Mountain Fold Gallery, New York, NY 
In the Name of Love, curated by Patrick Armstrong & Patrick Groth, Memorial Project Space, RI 
Crit, curated by Holly Hughes, Spencertown Arts Academy; Spencertown, NY